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Joseph Spurrier

Thanks for visiting! I spent years solving problems and developing new solutions which is all thanks to the wonderful internet of things. One of the interview questions I love to ask is, “If you don’t know how to do something, what do you do?” It’s a great way to see an individual’s problem solving ability. One of my favorite graduate levels classes was Creativity in Information Systems. Each class, the professor would start the session with a riddle and we’d guess until someone figured it out. The riddles were designed with simple answers, but required thought that was a little unconventional.

One of my brothers works for an online gaming company out in California. During his interview process, the managers presented him with a few riddles to determine his level of creativity and intelligence. He obviously tested well, but it just goes to show how much problem solving is desired in the work world.

I hope you were able to use this website to help you solve a problem. Good information is invaluable and can save hours of frustration. If you like an article, please share it or comment on it. Thanks!


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