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Amazon recently added a new feature to their existing cloud platform called Amazon Cloud Player. The idea is you can have all your music and files stored on the “cloud” and access them from any device that has an internet connection like a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. The addition of the music player allows the music to play straight from the website. In conjunction with the web interface, Amazon created an Android application called Amazon MP3 which also acts as a music player that streams music directly from the Amazon cloud. Using MP3, you can also purchase music from the Amazon store directly on the phone.

In order upload music to the cloud, you need to install a small 7MB application which can pull music by default from any playlist currently on the computer, but also allows your to select a folder to scan for music.

Amazon Cloud Interface

Once the upload completes, your can use the control buttons at the bottom left corner of the screen to play the music.

Cloud Player

The android application is available on the Android Market. Just install the app, click the “Player” button from the home screen and you’ll be able to stream the music or download directly to your device without requiring an internet connection to play the music in the future.

Cloud Player Android

The Amazon Cloud is a wonderful application that allows you to manage music from one location and access it from many. Not to mention, you’ll never have to worry about losing your music again. Beautiful.

Amazon Cloud Drive

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