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If you need to search a group of files for a certain string of text, place the below script in a *.CMD file which resides in the same folder as all the files you would like to search. The results will output in a file called “Results.txt”.

REM Source:
REM Searches for strings in files.
REM FINDSTR [/B] [/E] [/L] [/R] [/S] [/I] [/X] [/V] [/N] [/M] [/O] [/P] [/F:file]
REM [/C:string] [/G:file] [/D:dir list] [/A:color attributes] [/OFF[LINE]]
REM strings [[drive:][path]filename[ ...]]
REM /B Matches pattern if at the beginning of a line.
REM /N Prints the line number before each line that matches.
REM * Wildcard: any character
ECHO Searches all files in the current directory for the text, "Error", at the
ECHO beginning of the line and saves where the text is located in a text file
ECHO called "Results.txt".
ECHO Warning: This file cannot be run on a UNC path. Please map the location
ECHO to a drive letter before executing this file.
findstr /N /B "Error" * > Results.txt
ECHO *** Search Process Completed ***
Start Notepad.exe Results.txt
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