Android Update Process for Rooted HTC Thunderbolt – OTA 2.11.605.9

Please read if you want to know how to upgrade your ROOTED HTC Thunderbolt from a rooted ROM to the 2.11.605.9 update. You must perform these steps first if you are not rooted:

This article is a compilation of many different articles. I wanted to understand the whole process to ensure nothing bad would happen. I wanted to know what each of the files were for as well as the steps to take to reverse all the changes exactly. I tested this process on two Thunderbolts using Windows 7 x64 Ultimate with Service Pack 1. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you brick your phone. Do your research before performing any of the steps below. It is NOT illegal to root your phone, but it will void your warranty.

Besure to check out this forum for any and all help: http://www.xda-developers.com

Download the ROM and Radio: http://rootzwiki.com/topic/12545-rom-2116059-rooteddeodex-stock/

Again, only perform these steps on a ROOTED Thunderbolt that already has a custom ROM.

  1. Download the ROM and Radio from the link above to your phone SD card
  2. Download and install ROM Manager on your phone if you have not already
  3. Click Flash ClockworkMod Recovery so if you mess up, you can restore to an older ROM
  4. Click Install Rom from SD Card
  5. Navigate to 605.9_Rooted_deodex_signed.zip and click on it (Select the ROM you just downloaded)
  6. On the ROM Pre-Installation menu, select all three: Backup Existing ROM, Wipe Data and Cache, and Wipe Dalvik Cache. All data on your phone will be wipe EXCEPT anything on your SD card. This ensures you have the least number of issues. Press OK.
  7. On the Reboot and Install screen, Press OK.
  8. The phone will reboot into the ClockworkMod Recovery screen and flash the new ROM after backing up your existing ROM.
  9. The phone will reboot once the ROM install is complete. Walk through the Welcome wizard.
  10. Using either your computer or an Android File Manager, move 2.11.605.9_PG05IMG.zip to the root of the SD card and rename to PG05IMG.zip.
  11. Power off your phone.
  12. Press and hold the volume down button and the power button at the same time to boot into the bootloader.
  13. The screen will say, “Do you want to start update?”. Press the volume up button to start the update.
  14. When the update is complete, the screen will say “Press to reboot.” Press the power button to reboot.
  15. The phone may not reboot so press and hold the power button twice until the HTC logo appears.
  16. When the phone boots, remove the PG05IMG.zip file from the root of the SD card.
  17. You completed the update process!